Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bxl Sprout, a blog for Belgian-based Vegetarians

Me: "You said the salad was vegetarian."
Waiter: "It is vegetarian."
Me: "It has bacon on it."
Waiter: [blank stare]

And so it begins ... Sharon's search for good vegetarian food in Brussels on her new blog bxlsprout .

An enjoyable read and highly recommended if you're looking for good places to eat in Europe's capital city.


furiousBall said...

for what it's worth, bacon is the greatest thing ever

RD said...

Oh, as a fellow vegetarian I know the feeling. It wasn't easy going meatless in Belgium, but I managed to find something most of the time. Yes, things sometimes had to go back to the kitchen.

Pam said...

This made me laugh and laugh and laugh. We were in a hotel in N. Germany and I asked for a veggie meal. "You will have the fish," I was told. Um. Okay then.

christina said...

Ha ha! Yes, bacon is also rampant in German "vegetarian" dishes. They say "Sie wissen schon, für den Geschmack!" - "You know, to give it some taste!"

My in-laws often comment on how little meat they eat - "Oh no, not much meat at all, just liverwurst, bacon and ham." :-)

Di Mackey said...

Bacon ... I missed it so much in Istanbul, Van.

I love the idea of being a vegetarian but I have this thing about meat that I can't quite get over. I hadn't realised how difficult life could be here if you weren't a meat eater, RD.

Hmmm a decisive sounding waiter, Pam.

My eyebrows were up and round the back of my head by the time I read your comment, Christina ... I just didn't realise how tricky it all was :)