Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home again ... to sunshine?

8.57am and I was running out the door, almost late for my first physio appointment.

Over time, quite some considerable time, I have adjusted to the chronic tendonitis in my achilles tendon and so it was that my lovely physio's work on it made me a little bit faint today, interfering with the whole 'ignore it and it will disappear' kiwi-curative program I had embarked on sometime last year.

My knee had popped backwards on my last night in France - a little trick it is learning to do and so I was walking around it but the knee seems fairly disturbed by the work on my tendon too.

Dramatic sigh.

He did ask me if I would be walking after the treatment and I did reply that I could rest it ... then I didn't, so the faint feeling is probably completely my own fault but one does have to test the limit of things sometimes.

It seems like I need to get a little more serious about this in the days ahead.

It's HOT here today.
There's Peter-talk (he left a comment on one of my posts), that we're in for 2 more 30 degree celsius days!

Shocking stuff from the often rain-swept flatlands.


Manictastic said...

Oh, you're back and with an ache. See, France no good for you. :P

Woot woot, hot weather!!!! But we're gonna have Belgian summers soon :( Don't want Belgian summer. Boo, Belgian summer. :(

PEACE said...

You need to learn how to tape your foot and your knee with sport tape, but correctly is important. Each wrap is a new piece of tape, not just round and round or you cut off circulation. There are specific taping to provide support for different injuries. I tape my foot when I play tennis, it really helps and helps with the healing.

And you should be able to get a simple knee support. They truly help with the healing so you don't keep reinjuring it.

Di Mackey said...

France ... well you know, I loved it because it reminded me of New Zealand but I had terrible hayfever there. Belgium seems safer in this respect and I now have a dentist, doctor and physio I like :)


Summer ... I know what you mean. I'm in 2 minds about it too Manic. Love the heat but this top floor apartment with huge windows and a flat black roof is sometimes difficult in 30 celsius.

Oh Peace, I do wish I could tape this ankle and support this knee.

I had to smile over your Las Vegas weather comment. There was a disaster somewhere in blogger and it didn't all come through but I was in Vegas in ... '89 and remember the 'warmth' :)

Jule's Euro-Arabic Short Story said...

Have you seen the New Zealand weather? Anywhere else looks good at the moment :)

Peter said...

Thanks for linking Di: I got one referral from this post.

Actually, my audience loves Peter-talk: my original piece on the Belgian iPhone got 1,151 unique visitors within 24h, and 25 comments.

I must be doing something right :-)

Di Mackey said...

I know, Julie, I know :) I've been following news of the rather spectacular weather bombs you guys are having ... good luck.

You're doing plenty right, Peter ;)