Friday, July 04, 2008

A Day ...

And so it is that this day has been a day of many things ...

It began with sorting and sending 3 sets of photographs for the new website. It moved through into a shopping trip with Little Miss 4, where the denim jacket that looked so good became hers, along with a beautiful dress, Disneyland lipgloss and a 1 euro crown - thank goodness for fabulous sales.

A long chat with a physiotherapist about my chronic tendonitis, and his confession that he might not be able to work the magic I was requesting, as he has his own mild case of the same.

On into the city to the meeting about the art exhibition in September - 15 photographs to be chosen and prepared. The location is this fabulous old building in Borgerhout - more to follow once the advertising posters and flyers are done.

Drinks at the pub with the organisers, party invitations casually issued ... and accepted. A crowded tram ride through Antwerpen city to meet up with Gert, then the mission to find blue food colouring and licorice for outlines and edges on a birthday cake.

Home, pizza-ed, wined and downloading photographs from a day.
It was a good day.


RD said...

That's a good day. The stuff a life is made of.

furiousBall said...

absolutely a good day, busy, but good.

Kay said...

I hope that little Miss Three about to become Little Miss Four enjoys her birthday, cake and bike!

harvey molloy said...

All the best for the exhibition. Sounds like you had a good day.

Mark J said...

Maybe I shouldnt take this moment to ask about Dead Like Me.
OK - it was a close call tho.

Peter said...

A new dress, lipgloss and a crown: she must have had a great time!

Di Mackey said...

It is, isn't it RD :)

Indeed, Van. Sometimes, when life is like that I'm thinking, 'almost as busy as Van' - although I don't fit in the book and movie review.

She had a fabulous day today, the party day, thanks Kay.

Thanks Harvey, I'm sure I'll write it up - it opens 5 September.

Hmmm, maybe not Mark. I don't quite recall what it is to sit with nothing that 'must be done!' The 'to-do' list is back with avengence.

Oh Peter, she did. Her kindy friends were there and she played till she was exhausted. :)