Friday, February 16, 2007

Royal Albatross Colony, Dunedin New Zealand

I used to live about 10kms from this back home in New Zealand.

The Royal Albatross Colony at Taiaroa Head, on the tip of the Otago Peninsula, New Zealand, is the only mainland breeding colony for any albatross species found in the southern hemisphere. The first Taiaroa-reared albatross chick flew in 1938 and this now protected nature reserve has grown into an established colony with a population of around 140 birds.

The sight of a soaring albatross is unforgettable - held aloft on slim wings up to 3 metres (9'6") across, the great Albatross is capable of swooping speeds of more than 115kph. Viewing these majestic seabirds in their natural environment is not to be missed.

Thanks Chiefbiscuit .


Peter said...

You know Di, I like the way you use the words "back home in New Zealand". All of us have roots, and no matter how far and for what reasons we become "displaced", these roots partly determine who we are. I got 'displaced' too: I spent some time in Singapore but had to return to Belgium after losing my partner. My closest friend recently emigrated, fed up with rainy traffic-jammed Belgium, in search of a better life.

I know it's a rather personal question, but would you ever consider "retiring" (with Gert obviously) to Dunedin?

woman wandering said...

Hi Peter, I've always talked about 'back home' since I made the first move away from the place where I grew :)

My roots belong in New Zealand, it's where I'll return and yes, I'll take my Belgian back with me. Maybe Dunedin, but Wellington might be better for him, and then there's Auckland ...

Back home you can select a lifestyle and then live in 'that place'. It's just a little delicious.

I was shopping in the supermarket you use today and found myself wondering how you stand it. Obviously 3pm is a very bad time to be in there ... let me know if you need an ear on immigrating to NZ or Australia :)

Peter said...

Di, it's great knwing that you both will return to a place that actually allows for a quieter life. But indeed, I'm slowly getting tired of Antwerp city living. I know what you mean when you describe the packed supermarket below the Hilton (I was there around 6 :), and that's only a small part of the issues that degrade quality of life in a city like Antwerp. Tonight the windshield of a close friend was smashed and yesterday yet another freak "airbrushed" my neighbors walls.. Often I dream of that cute cottage in a small place where everybody knows my name. Guess that will always remain a dream :)

woman wandering said...

Reading your blog, I can see why you might want out, for a while anyway.

Take care of yourself over there in the big city.