Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Dump Brothers ... you wanted to see them perform?


chiefbiscuit said...

Great stuff Di - I have enjoyed my perusal - as always - the Rwandan guys' photos are superb you must be so pleased.

woman wandering said...

And as always, I enjoy finding you here, it's a pity it's not as simple to pop in for a cup of coffee :)

Peter said...

It almost sounded like an invitation ;-) You know Di, I post lots of comments on a multitude of blogs, but you always manage to pick out locations that are within a 1 km radius. The "Rivier" is not my favorite venue, it reminds me of a 60's livingroom with way too many people.

But I'm browsing through the Dump brothers website, a band that I wasn't really familiar with.

Are you a fan by any chance?

woman wandering said...

Hi Peter, I like the Dump Brothers music but I can't imagine going to hear them play in their venues. I don't really wander in any night scene.

When I first heard them singing in Consience Plein I thought they were Australian, which is one of those odd compliments Antipodeans give things they like.