Friday, February 02, 2007

A day ...

I woke buzzing with creativity, wanting to use my day wisely.
Lisen and Yakup were in Brugge for the day but I had forgotten, anything resembling creativity is often so impolite and kind of wild. I feel like I've spent the day trying to tame wild horses.

I have an idea of how I want to present my photographs on advertising flyers but the font is eluding me, or perhaps it is found ... I need to study some more. There are at least 8 options, printed and lying here next to me.
Speak to me fonts.

An A4 poster for hanging ... ? Or perhaps a 3 fold flyer with 6 sides for photographs and information ... or maybe a simple electronic mail-out creation.

All require different design layout.
I'm reliably informed on this.

So many good people around me but no one help when it comes to finding a font that reflects who I am ... my image, the image I'm selling; a font that makes my heart sing simply by virtue of 'fitting'.

I've had good music for company ... Katherine Williams, Bright Eyes and Badly Drawn Boy to name just a few ... a cd compilation, 33 tracks that open with a few seconds of the New Zealand birdsong that I miss..
Thanks Matthew, it helps.

And my lovely sister phoned me this morning, curious to know what I thought of a gift she had bought - one for each of us. I wandered over to the site that she read out ... I love her for thinking of me, it's perfect of course.

I love stones and shells and birdsongs ... I miss my old connection to New Zealand landscapes; that feeling of having roots that go deep into the earth. I was lucky, I lived in beautiful landscapes for almost all of my life before flying out.

Perhaps I should give up on creativity for now ... let the 'horses' rest in the field maybe.

A long day but a good day, just a little bit tired.

Tot straks.

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