Sunday, December 11, 2005

Winter From The Window Near My Desk

Yesterday I was explaining a Hoar Frost to Gert ... this morning I could point and say, 'Oh, that's a Hoar Frost', before leaning out the window to photograph the ice on the trees.

It's stunning out there now ... blue skies and sunshine.

Another 'first' was Gert sending me into our bakery alone to pick up our breakfast. I probably looked slightly disturbed, muttering the shopping list to myself ... 'vier pistolets, twee (2) chocolade koeken met pudding, twee appelbollen'.

So ... I didn't quite practice enough, being a bit shy about talking to myself while queuing with strangers, and ended up with drie (3) chocolade koeken met pudding. Now this is no bad thing, as a koek, in this instance, is a chocolate covered pastry square filled with 'pudding', which is really our custard, but better than custard square custard.

My twee (2) sounded like drie (3), or she was taking advantage of me.

The appelbol is a peeled and cored apple, wrapped up in pastry ... and so much nicer than I had imagined, which was lunch, just by the way.

Anyway, if my fellow queuers didn't think I was odd for muttering my shopping list as we stood waiting out in the cold (there's always a long queue at our bakery as it's one of the best) they certainly couldn't help but notice that they had an odd wee foreigner in the midst of their breakfast buying Belgian selves ... both the shop assistant and I were laughing quite openly in the end. Gert said it was because I was trying to speak Nederlands and doing quite well, I suspect it was actually because I was speaking Nederlands with a New Zealand accent, and misusing certain vowel sounds ... where have I heard this before ... Benjamin?

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