Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I've got this lovely brother ... the littlest one, little Kimmy (one of three lovely siblings, I hasten to add).

So what if he towers over me, is a construction manager-type in Australia, and occasionally gets a little bit cross when I wind him up with a mocking - like calling him Kimmy. Although it's been a while, we haven't seen each other since ... hmmmm, let me look at my passport ... October 2002, when he married Jody.

Times have changed and we're living in different hemispheres these days, but I can still remember the times when I had him sounding like an asthmatic on Everest with my sly and clever humour (he might not have actually described my humour using those particular words). He'd be lying on the couch, barely able to breathe, due to the hysterical nature of his laughter ... but he lived. He survived being told he was too blonde to be one of us, and then there was the incident where I was doubling him on the bike while he was almost too little to hold on (I wasn't much older, I didn't realise); he has survived quite a bit actually

Well, two and 3/4 kids later, and a move to a small mining town up north in the wilds of Australia, my baby brother is a boss, and about to become a daddy again.

Tonight I noticed the date at the bottom of my screen ... 13 December ... KIM'S BIRTHDAY!!!

I reached for Nana's ancient and battered birthday book ... how old is he ... time passes, and I'm pretty sure he's not 11 anymore. Ahhhh, success ... 1971, he's 34 ... JESUS, HE'S 34!! How could that be ... explains the management stuff though.

Anyway, I wonder if he reads his big sister's blog site ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM, and may you have many more of them.

Tons of love, Di xx


V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios said...

Well I'm sure there will be mocking on his part when he corrects your math. He is 39, darling.

Brothers are a wonderful thing, says this grrrl who has two...

Di Mackey Photography said...

2005 post as an introduction. He's 39 now ... not back then though.