Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Belgian Christmas ... is a very nice Christmas

After two years of non-Christmas in Turkey, I was more than happy to celebrate Christmas this year. We had a real tree, the gifts, and the roast turkey.

And it was a Christmas full of good people, nice food, superb wines and liquors. We woke to and had a day of cold sunshine, and went home after scraping ice from car windows. It was different to the New Zealand Christmas, and yet not so different as all reports said that they had rain in my home city, Dunedin.

Oh, and I made my first Northern Hemisphere Pavlova ... so proud I was. And although it lacks the whipped cream in this photo, there was something nice about whipping up one of my country's national desserts in this new country and feeding it to two Canucks and my Belgian.

And as I type this, a little bit of New Zealand is passing under the English Channel on the route called the Chunnel Route. Rozanna is over from Marlborough, New Zealand for two days of wandering in Belgium with me. We have the wine, the stoofvlees (a Belgian national dish involving steak and beer), and a space for her little self to sleep ... and an itinerary planned.

Tot ziens.

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