Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Birthday, a Camera and a little Champagne

After a frenzied morning of cleaning and grocery shopping here in Antwerpen, we 4 caught tram, train and metro over to Simon and Paola's place for a birthday party in Brussels.

I took my camera along for fairy photographs but couldn't resist taking a series of photographs as the party swirled around me and I understood that it's an area of work I would love to get into.

Ensconced in a comfortable chair in a terrace corner, I took some photographs I'm really delighted with - a father and son bubble-blowing series, the faces of the girls hanging upside-down and mothers in moments of quiet reflection, quite unaware of the camera.

I don't have permission so I can't post any images but it was a truly lovely way to spend a Saturday.

Thanks to Simon and Paola for letting the gate-crashing grandparents in ;)


Simon said...

You took some great shots, Di. I'll ask the others for permission (do you mind if I forward them the shots for approval and to try and sell them sessions with you?), but feel free to post any of us or the girls.

Di Mackey said...

Thanks Simon, I felt lucky to be there in the corner in that very comfortable chair with nothing to do but drink champagne and wine and take photographs.

I'll give you a cd of all the best ones on Friday night and the others can anything they want free and at full resolution. Sometimes, with photography, it's about being there and having a really nice time :)

paola said...

Thanks for the amazing photos. It was great having you over, although as usual I wish I had more time to actually talk to the adults!!

furiousBall said...

the father and son shots sound nice, hope you can post one

Anonymous said...

Just from your description, I can tell the pics are gorgeous

Di Mackey said...

The photos are always a pleasure, Paola. So many children and a fairy to organise ... we were lucky to have any of you :) Maybe it's about time we had another party over here.

Me too, Van. I thought they were beautiful, in that they captured a moment that was lovely.

Hey thank you, deadlyjelly :)