Monday, November 28, 2005

Well ...

So much for not liking Friday nights beer ...

It seems that I actually had food poisoning. It serves me right really, as I'd looked forward to the weekend far too much ... I had unacceptable expectations regarding it all. Oddly enough, do you remember I mentioned the 'nice sandwiches' in my last blog ...I believe it was them, curried chicken .. pah!

So my weekend consisted of getting back in touch with my digestive processes, and charting the poisoned stuff as it travelled the length and breadth of my body, creating aches and pains throughout ... disgusting.

Today, I phoned in ill and missed language class, forgiving myself by virtue of having a home school teacher available to me in the evenings. The same teacher I have been known to direct dark and dire mutterings at, something along the lines of 'It's your fault I have to learn to pronouce this unpronounceable 'G' sound'. And learn I must, since his name begins with said 'G'.

However, having saintly tendencies (or enough Catholic guilt to get me to do things I would rather not do while feeling seedy), I did attend the childrens SinterKlaus show on Sunday morning. (Christmas Show).
Here's the site:

Saintliness aside, it was a grand show for kids and Sahara, Georgia and Katie would have loved it. There were about 12,000 in the audience at our session, and the show is repeated six times, so you get an idea of the popularity of this annual event. The bands had the place rocking, and really, there's nothing like seeing kids from 2 upwards, out dancing in the aisles.

The snow is all gone now, and there's talk of it getting drier and warmer by the end of the week. What is meant by warmer is a little unclear, and it's been bone-chillingly cold here in recent days. They may have to surgically remove my polar fleece in the spring ...

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